Draeger PAC 7000 Single Gas Detector, Choose Gas
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Drager Pac® 7000 Personal Monitors, Batteries and Accessories

Lightweight, compact monitor capable of detecting carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, phosphine or organic vapors. Features shock-proof, chemical-resistant rubber coating, large display that continuously shows the gas concentration and XXS sensor that allows gas intake from the top and front can easily be replaced. Alarms include clear, multi-toned signal, visual alarm of bright, flashing 360degree LED on the top and bottom and vibration.

Data logger, 120 hours @ 1 data set per minute
Adjustable TWA and STEL alarms
Automatic bump test option
Meets IP65 requirements
Serviceable: replaceable battery, dust and water filters
Optional five-year warranty for H2S, O2, and CO