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Ring Rescue Compression Device Kit

Ring Rescue Compression Device Kit

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Product Code: RKM-US

Ring Rescue Compression Device Kit (RKM-US)
Cut the hassle, not the ring.

The Ring Rescue compression device is a ring removal tool that shrinks finger size to help you remove stuck rings non-destructively. It’s Ring Rescue + You = Success. The device shrinks finger size 100% of the time, and then it is up to you to remove the ring. With proper manipulation techniques, users see great success and patients/customers are thrilled when they can avoid having to cut their valuable ring. Our device significantly decreases the need for ring cutting and provides a safe and effective solution, especially useful when dealing with metals that are difficult to cut such as tungsten, titanium and cobalt. Ring Rescue compression device offers a new and effective solution for stuck ring removal. By using our device to reduce finger swelling, the chance of removing the ring without a ring cutter increases significantly. Ring cutting can be time consuming, difficult, and also poses risks to the patient’s finger such as thermal burn or being cut. Why destroy a valuable keepsake if you don’t have to? With our Ring Rescue compression device, you significantly increase your chance of preserving sentimental property. Our patented device was designed by a team of medical doctors and engineers. It is FDA registered and meets North American safety standards. The compression device is user-friendly, safe and professionals are delighted by the level of effectiveness. The device is applied to the swollen finger for 5-10 minutes and when the device is removed you will see that finger size is significantly reduced. Proper manipulation techniques are then used with our non-hydrating lubricant to remove the ring without ring cutting.


  • Ring Rescue Compression Device

  • Non-Hydrating Lubricant

  • Protective case (8.75 x 6.25 x 2.5)

  • Step by step instructions

  • User guide