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Hot Shield USA Bandanna, CarbonX One Size Fits All

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Product Code: UB2

Hot Shield UB-V2 Wildland Firefighter Ultimate Bandanna CarbonX One Size Fits All (UB2)

Are you looking for something better than the standard cotton bandanna you wore on your last brushfire? Don’t want a mask that uses an N-95 style filter or cartridge style filter? Maybe you would prefer a garment that is as handy and light as your bandanna, but is super easy to breathe through and protects your face from flying burning embers and ash? The Ultimate Bandanna UB-V2 may be just for you. The UB-V2 offers the top performance protection of CarbonX, yet doesn’t require a filter of any kind.

The firefighters at Hot Shield USA realize we all have our own preferences when it comes to personal protective equipment. While our popular HS-2 model has proved itself and is very popular, there are some of you who prefer a "minimalist" design. Yet those of you who do, also realize the limitations of a cotton bandanna. It is for these firefighters that we invented the Ultimate Bandanna UB-V2. This mask is a nearly 100% fireproof facial protection garment that is easier to use, take off, and put on than any mask or bandanna you have ever used or seen before.

The Hot Shield Ultimate Bandanna Model UB-V2 is designed for and primarily used by the wildland firefighter.

The Ultimate Bandanna is a nearly 100% fireproof garment (bandanna) designed for high heat environments, including but not limited to: wildland firefighting operations, foundry/furnace/molten metal work, etc.

The Ultimate Bandanna is not a respirator, nor is it designed to accommodate a filter.

The Ultimate Bandanna provides the user with a low level of respiratory relief from large airborne particulate, embers, ash, etc through a double layer of “mesh” fabric but does not provide any vapor protection.

The mask has an adjustable, integral, non-exposed nose pinch bar for comfort & performance fit. CarbonX is a proprietary material tested to withstand extreme temperatures, far exceeding the Radiant Protective

Performance requirements of NFPA #1977 Standards for Wildland PPE.

The interior materials also absorb perspiration, adding to overall user comfort.

A cinch cord with a sliding nylon spring lock creates an air pocket for better fit, comfort, and performance.

Fastens behind the neck (Velcro). 3M Scotchlite Reflective Trim for nighttime visibility.

An integral neck hangs strap allows the bandanna to hang loosely around the neck/chest until needed.

One size fits all, machine washable.


  • Patented CarbonX materials inside and out
  • Designed by firefighters for any high-heat environment, especially wildland firefighting operations
  • Very easy to breathe through at ANY exertion level
  • No filter to replace
  • Very lightweight....only 3.6oz / 100.8 grams
  • Comfortable
  • Hangs loose around your neck until you need it (integral CarbonX hang strap)
  • One size fits all
  • 3M Reflective Trim for nighttime visibility
  • Wash and dry at any temperature and detergent