Draeger Tube, Hydrogen Sulfide 0.2/B 0.2-6ppm

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Draeger Tube - Hydrogen Sulfide 0.2/b
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Application Range
Standard Measuring Range 0.2 to 6 ppm
Number of Strokes n: 1
Time for Measurement: approx. 55 seconds
Standard Deviation: ± 15 to 20%
Color Change: yellow to pink
Ambient Operating Conditions
Temperature: 15 to 40° C ~ 59 to 104° F
In case of temperature between 0° C and 10° C, the reading has to be multiplied by 1.5; standard deviation: ± 30%.
Absolute Humidity: max. 20 mg H2O / L
Reaction Principle
H2S + HgCI2  HgS + 2 HCI
HCL + pH indicator  pink reaction product
Cross Sensitivity
Up to 1000 ppm, sulfur dioxide has no influence on the reading. Within the range of their TLV, mercaptanes, arsine, phosphine and nitrogen dioxide are also indicated, however, with differing sensitivity. Within its TLV, hydrogen cyanide changes the color of the entire indicating layer to a light orange. The reading of hydrogen sulfide is not affected.