Draeger Tube, Trichloroethylene

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Draeger Tube - Trichloroethylene 50/a
Order No. 81 01 881

Application Range
Standard Measuring Range 50 to 500 ppm
Number of Strokes n: 5
Time for Measurement: approx. 1.5 minutes
Standard Deviation: ± 10 to 15%
Color Change: pale grey to orange
Ambient Operating Conditions
Temperature: 15 to 40° C ~ 59 to 104° F
Absolute Humidity: 5 to 12 mg H2O /L
Reaction Principle
a) Trichloroethylene + CrVI → CI2
b) CI2 + o-tolidine → orange reaction product
Cross Sensitivity
Other chlorinated hydrocarbons are indicated, but with different sensitivities.

Free halogens and hydrogen halides in the TLV range are also indicated. It is impossible to measure trichloroethylene in the presence of these substances. Petroleum hydrocarbons cause low readings.