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Aqua Air Operated Valve LPC

Aqua Air Operated Valve LPC

Availability: May direct ship from manufacturer.
Product Code: 816-3

The Model 816 valve is an open or shut valve for air or gas lines up to 6000 PSI. In the normal position with no control pressure applied the valve is shut. Providing control pressure to the upper control port opens the valve. One typical application is to open a cylinder charging line only when a protective door is shut. A one inch thread section is provided permitting a variety of ways to mount the valve. The 816-3 valve is similar to the older 816-1 valve except the -3 valve uses a larger control piston permitting the use of lower control pressure. The valve, when used with an inexpensive low pressure solenoid. can be used in place of expensive high pressure solenoids. The 816-3V is a 3 way valve. When control pressure is released the downstream puressure is vented off. Similar valves with larger flow coefficients are avliable in our 1094 series valve.


Maximum pressur:  inlet 6000 PSI

                                differential 6000 PSI

                                outlet 6000 PSI

Ports: inlet 1/4" MNPT

         outlet 1/4" FMPT (-B2 has two outlets)

Flow coefficient (Cv):  .05 (.07" orifice)

Materials: body anodized aluminum

                 internals brass & stainless

                 seals Viton(TM) & KEL-F

Mod 816-3 actuating pressure: 45 PSI at 5000

                                                  PSI in and out

                                                 25 PSI at 5000 PSI

                                                 in and 0 PSI out

Maximum allowable actuating pressure:

                                for 816-3 1200 PSI

                                for 816-3V 1200 PSI