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Ambu Lifekey CPR Barrier

Ambu Lifekey CPR Barrier

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Ambu LifeKey CPR Barrier (248-201-XX)
The Ambu Lifekey contains a CPR barrier in a nylon soft case as a key ring, so it can be always at hand. Rubber straps are used to make sure the barrier stays in the correct position during use, even when performing cardiac massage. Both mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose resuscitation can be performed with the Ambu Lifekey based on standard methods.

The first aid CPR barrier from Ambu is equipped with a one-way valve which protects the user from infections, while also helping the first aider to overcome possible inhibitions. The transparent foil offers the advantage that the user can always monitor the colour of the patient's lips and detect vomit.

The Ambu Lifekey CPR barrier is available in a handy nylon soft case to attach to a key ring


Suitable for both adults and children

Elastic ear bands fit over patient's ears to keep the mask in place
Standard resuscitation techniques can be used without modification
May be carried on a key chain, in a pocket, a small handbag and a first-aid kit
Measures just 3 x 2 x 1 cm
Made from 100% latex-free material

Black, Blue, Red