Super Vac Smoke Curtain, Standard, 27-43" Doorways
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Smoke Block Aid is a patented device that assists in life safety and property conservation by containing smoke to a particular room while using no manpower. It also allows personnel to pass through doorways without closing the door behind them. It controls oxygen to the fire without taking up manpower. It allows fire fighters and charged hose lines can pass through while BlockAid is deployed. It prevents smoke spread in large buildings and apartment complexes. It is a great visual indicator of flow path. It reduces smoke damage and eliminates smoke in common areas to help with rescue operations. It drastically minimizes the conditions that lead to flashover.

Size: 27-43 wide x 75 height
Weight: 15lbs
Silicone impregnated fiberglass rated up to 500 degrees for extended period of time
Quick action ratchet with screw tightening