Smoke Dectector, Battery Operated w/ 9V Battery
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  • Compact size offers maximum protection with oversize trim plate to cover marks left by standard size detectors.
  • Flashing red light indicates alarm is receiving power.
  • Ionization chamber responds fast to low-smoke flaming fires.
  • Unit will sound a warning chirp when battery is low.
  • Test button check horn, battery and alarm circuitry
  • Loud piercing, pulsating horn
  • Special twist-off mounting bracket for fast installation and safe battery replacement.
  • 9 volt battery included.

    Detects smoke by Ionization

    Approvals: Meets UL 217, NFPA , CSFM , FHA, HUD. Approved for use in recreational vehicles.
    Auditory: Loudness: 85 dB minimum @ 10 ft.
    Frequency: 3000 - 3003 Hz
    Duration: Continuous while smoke is present
    Battery: Nominal Voltage: 9 V
    Battery Replacement: Note that the alkaline battery can be replaced with a lithium battery for longer life.
    Electrical: Solid State Circuitry: Complementary MOS integrated circuit provides maximum stability and minimum power consumption.
    Low Battery Indicator: Sounds a chirp at 30 - 40 second intervals for a minimum of 7 days, to signal low battery
    Sensitivity: Preset to nominal 1% obscuration
    Temperature: Operating: 40 F - 100 F
    Miscellaneous: Humidity: 5 - 95% relative humidity
    Diameter: Body: 3 7/8 "
    Plate: 4 7/8 "
    Height: 1 1/2 "