Kochek PVC Suction Hose, 10' 4.5" X 10' w/ 4.5" NST cplgs
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Featuring Flex-Lite Hose with Poly-Lock Collars

As the country's largest manufacturer of PVC lightweight suction hose, Kochek continually researches and improves equipment technology. So it's no surprise that Kochek has developed Flex-Lite hose with Poly-Lock collars, the most advanced suction hose system available in the industry. A full 17% lighter than previous models, Flex-Lite hose features an exclusive interlock system that provides superior strength and durability.

  • Trash pumps
  • Construction and Mining
  • Solid Material Transfer
  • Light-weight - highly flexible from 150 degrees to -40 degrees (f)
  • Smooth bore for efficient, unrestricted flow
  • Clear web for visual monitoring