Elkhart Seal Kit, for B100A Wye
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Elkhart Appliance Service Kits

Kit 80633

Field Service Kit for B-100A (O/S) (Pre '93).

For B-100A (O/S) gated wye. The kit contains the follow parts:

  • (2) Adjustable Seats (Elk-o-Lite) 
  • (2) O-Rings for Adjustable Seat
  • (2) O-Rings for Outlet Adapter
  • (2) O-Rings for Actuator Shaft
  • (2) O-Rings for Pivot Screw

Note: Parts included in the kits are normally all that are required to repair leaks in the shutoff area. If additional components are needed or more assistance is required, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-628-6233 for help.