CMC Prusik Rescue Cord, Neon Yellow 7mm Per Foot
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CMC Rescue Prusik Cord & Load Release Hitch Cord - Manufactured by New England Ropes
Diameter: 7 mm
Color: Neon Yellow
MBS lbs.: 2,200

The most important attributes of a cord used for Prusik Hitches are consistency in handling and diameter. Once you have determined the Prusik Hitch that works best on your host rope, you want the same performance every time you replace it. CMC Rescue Prusik Cord has the right balance of suppleness for reliable activation, but is not so soft that it wears out rapidly. Made of nylon with a torque-free, kernmantle construction, it comes in solid colors to help discriminate between cord designed for Prusik Hitches and climber's accessory cords. Two color choices in the 7mm and 8mm diameters allow you to use a separate color for each length Prusik in a Tandem Prusik Belay System. The 9mm diameter is the size preferred by rescuers that use a load releasing hitch.

Important Note on Prusik Hitches: The performance parameters of Prusik Hitches used to belay rescue systems have received only limited investigation through reproducible testing. Several questions remain open such as the effects of wear, age, and other environmental influences. If you decide to rely on a Prusik Hitch based system, it is your responsibility to determine that the particular combination of Prusik Hitch material (Prusik or accessory cord) and the host rope will work reliably for your systems, level of training, and rescue conditions.

Priced by the foot.