CMC Pick Off Strap, 54" Blue
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CMC ProSeries Pick Off Strap

CMC created the Pick Off Strap so that a rescuer could quickly connect to the victim and then adjust the strap to the best length. CMC Pick Off Strap works well for positioning the victim for a lowering or rappel-based pick off or for an assisted rappel. We added a loop to the end for a more positive grip when pulling to adjust. Our ProSeries blue web improves the long-term performance, especially where it threads through the buckle. D-Ring end is rated at 8,039 lbs. (36 kN). Depending on how the buckle is loaded, it will begin to slip between 3,500 to 4,500 lbs (15-20 kN), and tying off the buckle will increase the strength.
Color: Blue
Length when fully extended: 42 inches
Weight: 13 oz