5.11 Book, "Green Eyes And Black Rifles"
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5.11 Tactical Green Eyes & Black Rifles - Autographed By Kyle Lamb

Green Eyes & Black Rifles:  The Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine
By:  Retired SGM Kyle E. Lamb

Based on his own combat experience in action from Mogadishu, Somalia to Mosul, Iraq, Retired SGM Kyle E. Lamb's book is a wealth of information for new shooter and veteran alike.  SGM Lamb passes on lessons learned that will enhance your shooting skills and refine and improve the tactical employment of your combat carbine.  In addition, he passes on references to the combat mindset and its value in training and actual encounters.
219 pages

As a special bonus for 5.11 Tactical customers, SGM Lamb has autographed our copies to make them a truly unique addition to your tactical information library.
This opportunity is limited so act now!

Viking Tactics Background (first pages):
When Ret. Sgt. Major Kyle Lamb steps onto a range or into a design room, he does so looking through the eyes of somebody who has been there and done it. As a former U.S. Army Special Forces Operator, Lamb takes lessons learned from 21 years in the military and just as much time spent as a competitive shooter and designs products with the soldier and competitive shooter in mind. 

It all started with the Viking Tactics Sling, a two-point sling designed for maximum comfort, durability, adjustability, and flexibility. It didn't take long to see that Viking Tactics had a winning product as soldiers in the US Special Forces Community immediately took to the sling for its innovative design, using the sling in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. What began with a 2-point sling has now developed into a whole line of products designed for the soldier and competitive shooter. Current products such as the Viking Tactics Light Mount, L.U.S.A., and VTAC Handguard are known for their simplicity and utility. Our line of VTAC/5.11 bags provide space, sturdiness, and versatility and our line of Viking Tactics Apparel pay homage to the Vikings with the old Viking saying, "Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead." 

We continue to develop products to see to the needs of the soldier as well as the needs of the competitive shooter. We hope to provide you with products designed to increase accuracy and maximize lethality on the battlefield.

Welcome to Team VTAC. "Stay in the Fight" 

Team VTAC profile: 

Theory is great but experience is better. That's the idea behind Team VTAC. Employing instructors with US Army Special Forces backgrounds, the mission of Team VTAC is to bring you the most relevant tactical and leadership training available. Team VTAC works at every echelon of the law enforcement, government and corporate sector providing training at the tactical, operational, as well as strategic, levels. Team VTAC, Inc. continues to work with clients that include State and Local Police, U.S. Army, US Marine Corps,(add the Marines)U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Agency, FBI, and many other organizations. 

President and Founder of Team VTAC , Inc. Sergeant Major Kyle Lamb (Ret.) served 21 years in the United States Army, with the majority of time spent in leadership positions in the Special Operations Community. Lamb is a recognized industry leader in innovative tactical marksmanship shooting techniques as well as the key designer for several combat proven tactical products. 

Team VTAC instructors have been providing training to our clients since 2002. Since its inception, Team VTAC, Inc. has gained a reputation around the United States and world for its high quality training tailored to the needs of its clients. All Team VTAC instructors are former US Army Special Forces Operators whose real world experience and expertise in the areas of tactics and leadership are second to none. Team VTAC prides itself on providing instructors who pull from their combat experiences in engagements including the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instructors maintain TS/SCI Security Clearances. A few days on the range or in a classroom with a Team VTAC Instructor is sure to enhance your unit or teams tactical or leadership skills.