Fire Research Skull Saver, 23" x 9" x 8", US Flag, Yellow
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Protect your firefighters from the hazard of protruding ladders with the original ladder cover. Highly visible and reflective cover with KEEP BACK lettering. You know how easy it is to run into a rear protruding ladder and be injured! Even when the apparatus is inside the firehouse. At a nighttime fire, the end of a ladder can become almost invisible. The Skull Savers bright yellow color and reflective KEEP BACK lettering make it easy to spot at the scene. Color: Yellow - With US Flag Design. Size: 27"H x 12"W x 8"D

Vinyl cover is rip, rot and mildew resistant, waterproof
Lining is of mildew resistant, water repellent heavy duty 10 oz. treated canvas
Two velcro closing straps
Sewn-in hooked strap can be quickly wrapped around ladder end so that the SkullSaver cannot be accidentally lost in transit