Elkhart Select-O-Matic Nozzle, 1.5" 60-125GPM @ 100PSI
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SM-10F 1.5" Select-O-Matic Nozzle

Flows from 60 to 125 GPM *Horseshoe handle standard *Tab handle optional *1.0" waterway *Replaceable spinning teeth standard *Molded urethane teeth optional *1.5" swivel base standard *1.5" rigid or free swivel base optional *Finish hard anodized.


  • Durable, Lightweight Elk-O-Lite Construction
  • Automatically Adjust to Changing Flows
  • Constant Flow Flush Feature
  • Flow Efficient Fully Machined Waterway
  • Hydraulically Balanced Ball Shutoff
  • Adjustable Neoprene Seat with Acetal Ball
  • Rugged, Aluminum/Bronze Shutoff Handle with Double Stops
  • Heavy-Duty, Protective Urethane Bumper
  • Replaceable Spinning Teeth for Wide, Protective Fog                          
  • Four Flow Ranges Lexan Labeling
  • Models for 1.0", 1.5", 1.75", 2.0", 2.5" & 3.0" Hose
  • Optional Low Pressure Models
  • Optional Molded Urethane Teeth on Some Models


  • Years of Dependable Service
  • Maintain Effective Pressure and Stream
  • Excellent Stream Quality Straight Stream to Wide Fog
  • Simplifies Fireground Hydraulics
  • More Flow Efficient than Other Automatics
  • Ideal for Use with Foam Eductors
  • Ease of Operation Even at Higher Flows
  • Same Gallonage Straight Stream to Wide Fog
  • Flush Without Shutting Down
  • Excellent for Application of AFFF
  • Superb Wide Fog for Personal Protection and Heat Absorption
  • Easy Field Service
  • Excellent for Application of Class A Foam
  • Easy to Work With Easy to Train With
  • Operate at Lower Pressures with Some Models
  • Compliance with NFPA 1964
  • Elkhart Quality