Hastings Hose Clamp 4.0"
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4" Lightweight hose clamp (Screw type)

Designed For Strength, Durability & Ease of Operations
Hook Socket, Reinforced with Stainless Steel Plate
Rocker Has Both Radial & Thrust Needle Bearings
Grease Fittings on both Rocker & Shaft for ease of lubricating
O-Ring seal in Rocker, Seals out water from Rocker Bearings
Exclusive design reduces slippage on Hose
Will not open accidentally under pressure
Body of High Tensile Aluminum
Release Lever Shrouded For Safety
Screw & Nut Insert of Bronze
All fittings, Nuts, Bolts, Socket Shoulder Bolts & Washers are High Grade Stainless Steel
Overall handle length is 23 1/2
Overall height is 15 1/2 high when the clamp is totally closed
Overall Width is 8
Weight: 23 lbs