Firecraft Safety Frisbuoy Water Rescue Device
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Water and Ice Rescue Frisbuoy

  • Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy is easy, fast, and safe for the rescuer
  • Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy is effective for both water and ice rescues
  • Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy is designed as a life saving rescue tool in a water or ice environment. It is a substitute for other rescue devices such as the large difficult to throw white ring with heavy rope attached that is often seen on boats and ships. The rescuer can stay out of the water, because rescues can be performed from land, boat, or dock.
  • Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy stands up to unfavorable environmental conditions such as high and low temperatures as well as exposure to sunlight.
  • A person who knows how to throw a frisbee can become proficient with the Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy after only a few practice throws. Even those with little or no experience can learn to throw a Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy accurately with practice.
  • Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy is easy to transport and can be stored in a convenient location in your boat, car, or on your dock.
  • Many Police and Rescue vehicles carry a Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy. It is an essential life saving rescue tool that should be included in everyones rescue and safety equipment inventory