Elkhart Flex Attack Nozzle, 184 GPM @ 50 PSI 1.5" NST, PG
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Elkhart Flex Attack 1 1/2" Nozzle

Looking for a nozzle line designed for CAF application that is durable,dependable and, best of all, simple to use? You found it. The FlexAttack from Elkhart Brass.

Elkhart quality and Elkhart innovation have been combined to create a nozzle line designed specifically for the changing needs of CAF applicationin the field - the Flex Attack line. With a single effortless click, you can select from Dry CAF, Wet CAF, or a hard hitting 15/16th smooth bore. Or, to flow water only, you can easily select a 15/16th, 1 1/8th, or 1 3/8th smooth bore  without shutting down.

And,now, you have more Flex Attack options. The line just expanded to include a CAF tip, as well as the original CAF nozzle. Request FlexAttack technology by name for the ultimate flexibility in CAFapplications!