Fireade 2000 Foam, Class A/B Wetting Agent, 5 Gal Pail
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FireAde 2000 is the Worlds most complete firefighting agent ever produced. FireAde 2000 combines technologies that historically are not compatible in firefighting foam chemistry. It provides new technology that offers increased safety for firefighters. It extinguishes fire at various levels with a large degree of efficiency. This innovative break through is changing the firefighting foam agent industry. FireAde 2000s uniqueness provides dimensions to firefighting that have never been seen before. Historically, Class A, Class B, and Wetting Agent products have been incompatible with firefighting foam agent chemistry. The current manufacturers have developed 10-15 different types of products to combat Class A and Class B fires. This many choices become very complex when choosing a firefighting agent. It is known that manufacturers send company representatives to sell the "foam agent of the month". FireAde 2000 eliminates the complexity of choosing the right firefighting foam agent. FireAde 2000 has always been suitable for Class A and Class B firefighting. Now, FireAde 2000 has UL Listings that solidifies this designation. FireAde 2000 has successfully completed the Wetting Agent/NFPA 18-2006 testing. FireAde 2000 is also UL Listed as a Foam Liquid Concentrate having complied with the UL 162 testing. This accomplishment with dual UL Listings confirms that FireAde 2000 is a true Class A and Class B product. FireAde 2000 is the FIRST firefighting foam agent that is a true Class A, Class B, and Wetting Agent. It is also environmentally safe, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and bio-degradable. FireAde 2000 features provide the most cost effective way to extinguish fires.