Akron Pike Pole, 10' Double Gripper, Standard Hook
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Akron 10' Heavy Duty Pike Pole with Two Grips. The DOUBLE GRIPPER pike poles are made from an 3/4" x 1 1/8" elliptical shaped, solid yellow fiberglass rod, creating a heavy duty pike pole that is designed to handle comfortably, even while wearing gloves. All DOUBLE GRIPPER pike poles are fitted with non-slip, black rubber hand grips. The fiberglass poles will not rust, corrode or dry rot. They are tough, durable, electrically resistant and like all fiberglass products require no maintenance. The DOUBLE GRIPPER pike pole has all the same quality features as the GRIPPER except the 10' and longer pike poles can be shipped in two parts via UPS, saving you many dollars in truck freight. Underneath the non-slip grip is an elliptical, metal sleeve, that has been attached with epoxy and two spring steel roll pins. All you have to do is insert the rod with the pike pole head into the sleeve, mix the supplied epoxy kit and drive in the two roll pins, creating a heavy duty, one piece pike pole.