Nupla Ceiling/Wall Hook I-Beam, Straight Handle, 6'
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Nupla Ceiling/Wall Hook 6' With Straight Handle Patented Super Duty NUPLAGLAS handles give you exceptional strength, safety, durability, and comfort. Composite construction consists of millions of continuous, parallel fiberglass strands cured under tension in a thermosetting resin over a lightweight honeycomb core with solid fiberglass reinforcement at critical stress points. ALL HANDLES IN THE NUPLA PRODUCT LINE ARE GENUINE NUPLAGLAS WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Exceeds all federal standards
NUPLAGLAS is an excellent dielectric material
Smooth, resin rich surface protects user from splinters, resists UV deterioration
Does not absorb moisture, resists industrial chemicals, fire retardant
Outlasts wood handles 10 to 1
Does not conduct heat/cold, easy to handle in extreme temperature conditions
Ergonomically designed grips for comfort and stress reduction. More rigid than wood and most other fiberglass handles, reducing wasted effort