Draeger Tube, Sulfur Dioxde 1/A 1-25ppm
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Draeger Tube - Sulfur Dioxide 1/a
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Application Range
Standard Measuring Range 1 to 25 ppm
Number of Strokes n: 10
Time for Measurement: approx. 3 minutes
Standard Deviation: ± 10 to 15%
Color Change: grey blue to white
Ambient Operating Conditions
Temperature: 15 to 25° C ~ 59 to 77° F
Absolute Humidity: 3 to 20 mg H2O /L
Reaction Principle
SO2 + I2 + 2 H2O → H2SO4 + 2 HI
Cross Sensitivity
Hydrogen sulfide in the TLV range is retained in the pre-layer and does not interfere. Nitrogen dioxide will shorten the reading.

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