Zico Quic-Seat Cushioned Back Rest,18" Wide Seat,3-1/2" Head
Product ID: CBR-18-B-SHR
Price: $263.95
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18" W seat, 3-1/2" head rest, black: Cushioned Back Rest Seat mounts above and behind existing seat cushions, providing the ultimate in firefighter comfort. The seat frame is constructed of one-half inch plywood to assure extra strength and stability. Molded foam is applied to the frame and covered with a 48-ounce heavy duty vinyl Prefixx finished fabric. The seat has been designed with short side supports to easily accomodate the hip harness assembly on your SCBA. This design keeps the harness recessed so as not to protrude into the firefighter's back. Seat is 18" W. Head rest is 3-1/2" high. The shorter 3-1/2" head rest reduces helmet interference. Mounting brackets are provided for attaching the seat cushion to any flat surface. Brackets are pre-drilled for mounting of WALKAWAY bracket, which must be ordered separately.

18" W seat
3-1/2" head rest