Akron 3.5" Test Gauge Kit, Extra Gauge Mount Space
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The ATGK-3 Test Gauge Kits has a convenient space between the pressure and vacuum gauges. This space isf ro remote mounting of the pressure gauge from Akron's Apparatus Flow Test Kit (AFTK-25). Once mounted in the designated area, the gauges are easy to reference during a pump test.


Same as tgk -2 with a space for an extra gauge to be mounted(Requires RG-230 remote assembly)
36" test hoses, connect directly to underwriters test fittings (Style 44) *1/4'' male swivels for fast and easy connections to apparatus test fittings
+-1% accurate, 3 1/2" diameter, freeze protected liquid filled gauges
0-30", .5Hg increment vacuum and 0-300, 5 psi (34 kPa) increment pressure gauges