Elkhart Repair Kit for all 1.75", 2", & 2.5" Nozzles &
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Elkhart Nozzle Service Kits

Kit 80902

Field Service Kit for all 1.75", 2.0", and 2.5" nozzles and ball shutoffs (1.375" ID Ball). The kit contains the follow parts:

  • (1) Adjustable Seat
  • (1) O-Ring for Adjustable Seat
  • (1) Actuator Shaft O/S
  • (1) Drive Pin for O/S Actuator Shaft
  • (1) Actuator Shaft N/S
  • (1) O-Ring for Actuator Shaft
  • (1) Actuator Shaft Screw
  • (1) Handle Pivot Screw
  • (1) O-Ring for Pivot Screw
  • (1) O-Ring for Body Base
  • (1) Repair Instructions

This kit can be used on the following nozzles and ball shutoffs:

A SFM-G B-275 (N/S) DB-275AT
D (N/S) SM-20F (N/S) B-275 (O/S) DB-275-GAT
D (O/S) SM-20F (O/S) B-275A (N/S) B-278
DSF (N/S) SM-20FG (N/S) B-275A (O/S) B-278L
DSF (O/S) SM-20FG (O/S) B-275AT 4000-16
DSM-30F (N/S) SM-30F (N/S) B-275-GA (N/S) 4000-17
DSN-30F (O/S) SM-30F (O/S) B-275-GA (O/S) 4000-20 (N/S)
DSM-30FLP SM-30FLP B-275-GAT 4000-20 (O/S)
DSM-30FG SM-30FG (N/S) DB-275 (N/S) 4000-23 (N/S)
DSM-30FGLP SM-30FG (O/S) DB-275 (O/S) 4000-23 (O/S)
SF SM-30FGLP DB-275A (N/S) 4000-26 (N/S)
SFM SOS DB-275A (O/S) 4000-26 (O/S)

Note: Parts included in the kits are normally all that are required to repair leaks in the shutoff area. If additional components are needed or more assistance is required, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-628-6233 for help.