Akron 1" Swing Out Valve P1S-P1S-R1
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1" Swing-Out Tork-Lok Valve

Every Akron apparatus valve features the unique Swing-Out design for quick and easy servicing with no need to remove valves from the plumbing. The Swing-Out Valve bodies and adapters are constructed of high quality brass and other corrosion resistant material. Akron Swing-Out Valves feature self-adjusting seats (no o-rings to cut or tear during servicing) creating a quality seal to hold pressure and vacuum in both directions, along with durable handles and handle stops, all built for rugged use. A unique one-piece stop plate allows the handle to be quickly changed to 8 different positions by removing a single bolt. All Swing-Out Valves are designed for operating pressures to 250 psi (17 bar) and meet the NFPA 1901 Standard for valve opening and closing speed control when operated with a gear actuator, electric actuator or Slo-Cloz.

  • Use with the R-1 Handle for remote operation or the TS and TSC Handles for direct operation or with gear & electric actuators
  • Available in 1" - 3 1/2" sizes
  • Self-locking Tork-Lok reduces the possibility of creeping during operation
  • Each valve is factory tested in accordance with current NFPA standards