Amerex Extinguisher, Purple K 20# w/Brass Valve
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PURPLE K - Stored Pressure Fire Extinguishers

Model 415
PURPLE K extinguishers contain specially fluidized and siliconized potassium bicarbonate dry chemical which is particularly effective on Class B flammable liquids and pressurized gases and it is electrically nonconductive. Long the choice of the oil, gas, chemical and utilities industries as the preferred fire-fighting agent.

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY -manufactured and tested to ANSI/UL standards. Amerex is an ISO-9002 registered firm.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION - easy and less costly to maintain and service
  • U/L U.S. COAST GUARD LISTED - 6 year warranty
  • Bar coded labels for documenting extinguisher locations, inspection, maintenance and recharging
  • Complete range of sizes for all hazard requirements
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: -65 to +120 F

Available in a variety of types and sizes of wheeled and stationary extinguishers.


CLASS B:C Extinguisher