Akron Monitor, Ultra High Pressure, Bumper, 12V
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The Ultra High Pressure line of products is designed to operate at pressures up to 1500 psi and deliver ultra-fine water droplets at high velocity for increased heat absorption and rapid fire extinguishment. This technology enhances your firefighting capabilities by rapidly reducing the temperatures within an enclosed area, increases your positive pressure ventilation capacity, and dramatically reduces personnel fatigue while using two-thirds less water.For ultra high pressure fire fighting, choose the Ultra High Pressure Bumper Monitor. These bumper turrets are capable of delivering up to 300 GPM at 1500 psi.


Durable stainless steel & brass construction
Flows up to 300 GPM at pressures up to 1500 psi
Vertical Travel: +70° & -30°
Horizontal Travel: 180°
12V & 24V
Position Feedback (Rotation only)
Uses Universal II Monitor Control System