Akron Monitor, High Riser Dual Inlet, Portable, Deck Mt
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Apollo Hi-Riser Monitors

The Apollo Hi-Riser, includes the outstanding features of the standard Apollo along with the added benefit of rising over obstacles on top of the apparatus with no inefficient extension devices or cumbersome telescoping pipes. To elevate the Apollo Hi-Riser simply pull a pin and raise the discharge 24" above the deck. Also, the Apollo Hi-Riser rotates easily down to a low profile position for portable operation and comes complete with an automatic drain valve. Nothing could be simpler...Yet more versatile!

Apollo Hi-Riser Dual Inlet Portable and Deck Monitor

  • Includes a dual inlet ground base, liftoff, and direct mount
  • Ground flow: 800 gpm (3030 lpm)
  • Deck flow: 1250 gpm (4800 lpm)
  • Inlet:  2 1/2" or 3" F
  • Outlet: 2 1/2" male