Afoam Foam Eductor, Jet Ratio 1.5" F x 1.5" M, 40 GPM
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The Jet Ratio Controller (JRC) is designed to feed large volumes of foam from a safe location to a self-educting MasterStream nozzle. The JRC can deliver a 3% foam solution to a 1000 gpm (3800 lpm) nozzle at distances up to 400' away through 1 3/4" hose while operating at 200 psi (13.79 bar) inlet pressure. The Style 3030xJRC is ideal for use with the AkroFoam Self Educting nozzle.


1 1/2" Inlet x 1 1/2" Outlet
Durable lightweight Pyrolite construction
10' pickup hose and 40" pickup tube (Stinger)
Flows 40 GPM of water and 30 GPM of foam at 200 psi