Elkhart Python Hydrant Monitor , 2.5" (Less Tubes & Tips)
Product ID: 299-11H
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299-11H Python Deck Gun (less Tube and Tips)

  • Rugged all brass construction with cast brass swivel joints and seamless 2.5" ID brass tubing for waterway

  • Full, unobstructed waterway allows for flows up to 1250 GPM

  • Stainless steel handle rod controls vertical travel of 135° (90° above to 45° below horizontal)

  • Full 360° horizontal travel

  • Positive twist Outlet 2.5" NHT male

  • Inlets: 2.5" or 3.0" NPT Female; 3.0" or 4.0"-150# ANSI Flange

  • Optional Steering Wheel handle

  • Optional with 282B stream shaper and 181 smooth bore tip

  • Finish polished chrome plated

  • Lock both vertical and horizontal travel

  • Grease fittings at all swivel joints

  • Bronze bearings in all ball races