Elkhart Foam Aeration Tube, for Nozzle Short-15.87"
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247S Foam Aeration Tube

There are occasions in fire suppression when greater expansion rates of foam solution are needed; such as when polar solvent fuels are involved; when using protein or fluoroprotein foam; or when securing a spill.  For these special situations a foam aeration tube can be quickly and easily attached to many of Elkhart's combination fog nozzles in order to achieve a higher expansion rate of the foam solution; up to 15:1 in some cases.

  • For adding more air to foam solution in order to achieve greater expansion rates.
  • Durable, lightweight Elk-O-Lite construction
  • Built in Hydroverter
  • Quickly attaches to DSM-30F, DSM-30FG, SM-30F, SM-30FG, TSM-30F, 4000-20, 4000-22, 4000-23, 4000-24 and 4000-26
  • Cast finish with nylon cord wrap
  • Length - 15.87"
  • Weight - 3.80 lbs.