Akron Foam Eductor, 2.5" Advantage, No Shutoff
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Advantage Master Stream Eductor is an interchangeable metering orifice allowing 1/2%, 1%, 3%, or 6% pick up rate. The shutoff valve is optional. Eductors have no seals to leak and have no moving parts so they are easy to operate. Eductors are rated to flow at 150 psi (10 bars) inlet pressure and work well with nozzles rated at 75 and 100 psi (5 and 7 bars).


Rugged brass construction
Optional shutoff valve
10ft pick up hose and 40in tube - all pvc
Works effectively with nozzles rated 75 and 100 psi (5 and 7 bar)
Rated to 500 gom (1900 lpm) at 150 psi (10 bar)