Fol-Da-Tank Poly Floating Dock Strainer, 4" Self-Leveling
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FOL-DA-TANK® Company manufactured the first floating strainer in 1954 and started selling them in 1955. The Float-Dock® proved to be the most practical answer not only for firefighting but also for construction and mining operations. The Float Dock® strainer is a valuable piece of equipment that can save the day in many firefighting situations. Float Dock® lets you use the water in farm ponds or streams, both shallow and deep, and with a Fol-Da-Tank. Because it operates below scum and debris and above sand and muck, it screens out the materials that wear out impellers, packing and bearings. Since Float Dock® strainers are self-leveling, there are no whirlpools or suction loss. Each unit is fully guaranteed. (NFPA 1142 Compliant)

Professionally designed & engineered for maximum pumping capacity
Polyethylene molded float with molded in carry handle (handle can be used for tie off and retrieval)
No need for a vortex plate. The float prevents any whirlpooling.
Not hand welded
Al-Mag castings - Proven to be the toughest in the industry
Long handle swivels with standard NH or NPSH threads
20-30% more open area at the intake
Detach strainer and use separately as a "Box Strainer"
Float Dock® drafts in as little as 5 inches (13) cm of water
Optional riser will convert the strainer box into a low-level strainer